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Dirty Words on Clean Skin: Sexism and Sabotage, a Hillary Supporter's Rude Awakening

When women are empowered to contribute to their community, in business and as leaders, society thrives, yet women who dare to lead are still plagued […]

Governmental Accounting

As a thirty-five year veteran of governmental financial management, Ms. Pendergrass has a broad range of skills and experience with state and local governments. Ms. […]

Of Tapestry, Time and Tears

The sleepy dusty town of Lubbock, Texas was the perfect incubator for a shy quiet child with big dreams. I’ve lived a million lives and […]

The Well-Spoken Woman

Christine Jahnke, one of the nation’s premier speech coaches, helps every woman who wants to look and sound her best in person, on-camera, and online. […]

Conflict: African American Women and the New Dilemma of Race and Gender Politics

Cindy Hooper is an experienced educator, author, and lecturer whose latest book, Conflict: African American Women and the New Dilemma of Race and Gender Politics […]

Playing Ball With The Big Boys, and Why The Big Girls Better Get in the Game

“If you don’t do politics, politics will be done to you” is a call to arms for women everywhere who are ready to take their […]

Cupcakes and Courage

Cupcakes and Courage is a memoir about women, politics and Ohio. In 2006 Jennifer Brunner was elected Ohio’s first and only woman Secretary of State […]

State Secretaries of State: Guardians of the Democratic Process

Jocelyn Benson is the Dean of Wayne State University Law School and the current President of the Military Spouses of Michigan. Previous to serving as […]

Pink Politics: The Woman’s Practical Guide to Winning Elections

Kathy Groob is a political consultant, businesswoman and advocate for women and women’s issues, encouraging women to get involved and become leaders. Kathy offers an enlightened […]

The Next Feminine Agenda: Defining the Next Revolution for Women, Work and Family

Madeleine M. Kunin served as the Governor of Vermont from 1985 to 1991 and went on to serve in President Bill Clinton’s administration. In 1996 […]

Go Fish: How to Catch (and Keep) Contributors: A Practical Guide to Fundraising

Nancy Bocskor is a sought-after professional speaker and internationally renowned expert in applied democracy. She is a trainer and consultant whose client list includes citizen […]

A Wine Lover's Odyssey Across Kentucky

I love wine and love to talk about it, especially Kentucky wine. The wine industry in Kentucky has been growing, but people outside the state […]

Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Women's Studies

Rachel Sutz Pienta specializes in subverting dominant paradigms to bring about positive social change. As a change agent, she has spent her career working to […]