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Personal Development

Writing Alone Together: Journalling in a Circle of Women for Creativity, Compassion & Connection

I think it’s a radical thing about writing. We don’t have to know what we are going to say before we put the pen to […]

Married, Celibate and Saved

Alecia Hill, an Atlanta native, is an author and speaker committed to engaging her audience by sharing stories of inspiration drawn from personal, real-life experiences. […]

Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting from Bitch to Rich in Life and Business.

For over twenty-five years I was the ultimate corporate bitch, wreaking havoc on everyone around me, including myself. Then one day, with what I call […]

Reap As You Sew: Spirit at Work in Quiltmaking

After years of relentless striving and burn-out, and then some wake-up calls and deep spiritual work, Chris Smith stopped holding back her authentic self and […]

Just a Couple of Women Talkin' - The Story of Being a Woman Entrepreneur

Dr. Gravett, an Industrial Psychologist, consults and writes on the topics of leadership; entrepreneurship; generational differences; emotional intelligence and business ethics. She is the author […]

S.O. Intentional (Words of Wisdom From a Poet's Point of View)

BIO Dr. Sheronda Orridge is Owner / Operator of Loving Spirit Holistic Services LLC. She is also a Holistic Life Coach, Holistic Life Coach Trainer, […]

There's No Place Like Working from Home: Get Organized, Stay Motivated, Get Things Done

I write for, and speak to, work-from-home solo professionals who have too much to do and not enough time! I’m an internationally-recognized organizing, time management […]

Power Mentoring: How Successful Mentors and Proteges Get the Most Out of Their Relationships

Ellen A. Ensher, Ph.D. is a Professor of Management at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, USA. Dr. Ensher has an established expertise in […]

Red Goddess Rising

Halle Eavelyn is an author, travel blogger and spiritual tour leader. She co-owns Spirit Quest Tours, a luxury boutique travel company, and leads exotic life-changing […]

One On The Run: 93 Days Across America

Helene Neville, an American nurse and fitness coach, began running seriously after a battle with cancer in the 1990s. Helene has been a nurse, high […]

80 Creativity Tips

I am a freelance writer/photographer based in southern Oklahoma specializing in creativity, disabilities (I am legally blind), and social media. My books include 80 Creativity […]

The Transformation Promise

Johanna Derbolowsky, author of The Transformation Promise, developed the Quantum Heart Field Experience, an easy to learn way of transforming life’s situations. She is a public […]

Out Of Balance? Be a Bounce Back Person

Judy Helm Wright aka “Auntie Artichoke” is a wise woman with a global message of individual empowerment. Everyone needs a warm, loving Auntie in their […]

Stop Peeing On Your Shoes! Avoiding the 7 Mistakes That Screw Up Your Job Search

Do you want to be “career happy”? Do you want a strong network that aligns with your career goals? ( What? No career goals?) It […]

The Happy Hour Effect

Kristen Brown is a two-time bestselling author, widow mom, speaker and strategist who helps people spin stress into success with her Happy Hour Effect approach […]

Spiritual Food For Thought: 31 Inspirational Quotes to Jump Start Your Day!

Lá Tanyha Boyd is an Empowerment Coach and Transformation Strategist and a Best Selling Author. She is living her dream and walking in her calling […]

Kettle-Dreams: Think and Grow Rich Mastermind Guide

Women can CRUSH the gender wage gap today rather than waiting until 2054 when the gap closes on it’s own. Retired after 50 years in […]

Soul Compost - Transforming Adversity into Spiritual Growth

“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.” ~ Muriel Rukeyser I am a bridge…between science […]

Tell 'em: the memoir of a girl whose first language is not the spoken word

Liysa Callsen was lost the day she was born. Her ears worked. Those of her parents did not. Hence her first language was not the […]

LOVE WITHOUT THE DRAMA: Why Settle When Relationships Can Sizzle?

Here’s What An OPRAH SHOW Producer Had To Say About Author, Speaker and Women’s Coach “The Motivator” LYNETTA JORDAN! “LYNETTA JORDAN Has The ENERGY, EXPERTISE, […]

The Intersection of Joy and Money: A Workbook for Changing your Relationship with Money

Mackey McNeill is the CEO of Mackey Advisors® Wealth Advocates, working passionately to pursue her client’s prosperity. She has been quoted in The Wall Street […]

Uplifting One Life at a Time: The Power of Encouragement

I have worked in college financial aid for almost 17 years, assisting students with the financial means to obtain their educational goals. I am also […]

Office Shamanism - Big Time Energy Shifting for Your Workplace

I am well-versed in many forms of spirituality, shamanism, yoga, and run a successful private healing and teaching practice in busy Westchester County, NY. Prior […]

He Was There All The Time

Transparency is key to healing. A combination of both education and life experience is what Precious brings to every discussion. Her dynamic, presentation draws in […]

Sunday Grief, M.D.

Renee’ Sunday, M.D. is the founder and CEO of Sunday Publishing Company, LLC., and RS Commerce, P.C. “I have practiced anesthesia for over thirteen years. […]

Dear _____, Are You Missing Your Calling?

Sheila L. Agnew McCoy is an author, entrepreneur, life coach and inspirational speaker with focus on self-development for women over 40. As an entrepreneur, Sheila […]

The Only Way is Up: Just Steph's Perspective on Life

Growing up with a physical disability and a strong ethnic background, I use humor and my Boston as I chronicle journey toward becoming comfortable in […]

Millionaire in Flip Flops

Learn how making a few adjustments can make a big difference in your life. Create the life you want by building it rather than molding […]

Transcending Fear: The Journey to Freedom and Fulfillment

I teach practical tools and wisdom to create an enchanting life. For thousands of years women have not been allowed to use their magic. We […]