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Governmental Accounting

As a thirty-five year veteran of governmental financial management, Ms. Pendergrass has a broad range of skills and experience with state and local governments. Ms. […]

How To Be A Frugal Millionaire - Eight Simple Steps to Creating Personal Wealth

Brenda’s Book reveals to us that most wealthy people are wealthy because they live below their means, She provides numerous self-assessments checklists to help determine […]

Handle Your Grief...There is Hope...Nothing is Impossible.

Founder of Beneath the Grief Ministries A grief counselor via mobile and video chat, a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, BCPC, Author, Podcaster for Grief-Talk.  public […]

The Intersection of Joy and Money: A Workbook for Changing your Relationship with Money

Mackey McNeill is the CEO of Mackey Advisors® Wealth Advocates, working passionately to pursue her client’s prosperity. She has been quoted in The Wall Street […]