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State Secretaries of State: Guardians of the Democratic Process

Jocelyn Benson is the Dean of Wayne State University Law School and the current President of the Military Spouses of Michigan. Previous to serving as […]

Tales of Grace: A Different Me

Judy Ryan is an advocate for those with facial difference — a 41-year cancer ‘treatment’ survivor, who was given a fatal prognosis at the age […]

Tell 'em: the memoir of a girl whose first language is not the spoken word

Liysa Callsen was lost the day she was born. Her ears worked. Those of her parents did not. Hence her first language was not the […]

Uplifting One Life at a Time: The Power of Encouragement

I have worked in college financial aid for almost 17 years, assisting students with the financial means to obtain their educational goals. I am also […]

Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Women's Studies

Rachel Sutz Pienta specializes in subverting dominant paradigms to bring about positive social change. As a change agent, she has spent her career working to […]


Struggling with depression is nothing to be embarrassed about! I was diagnosed with depression and medicated for nearly five years. Although things are better, I […]