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About WomenAuthorSpeakers

Promote Your Book and Secure Speaking Engagements

The best way to promote yourself and your book is through high profile speaking engagements. Speaking events offer direct exposure to your targeted audiences. Connecting and eventually booking a speaking engagement is a time-consuming process. We  help women authors connect with organizations that are looking for speakers for events and workshops. is the first website that connects women authors and their books with organizations and individuals looking to book speakers for their events.

Getting Started

It’s easy. Submit your free listing here; provide a headshot, a photo of your book cover and a link to your preferred book sales site (your website if possible). Once you are accepted, your book and profile will be listed on our site (you can edit as often as you like).  Advertising and upgraded listings are also available. is different because we promote your book, your speaking capabilities and connect you with organizations looking for speakers. You will receive an e-mail notification each time an organization reviews your book or your profile. It’s up to you to connect and close the deal.

Many women authors succeed in promoting their books through speaking engagements and readings, many of which are organized and booked by women. helps women (especially those who are not necessarily celebrities) market their books to organizations that are looking for interesting keynote speakers for their events.

Be among the first authors to take advantage of this great connection site. We can’t wait to see you on the stage and selling books!