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Gloria FeldtTravels from New York, Business, Leadership, Women's Issues

Gloria Feldt is co-founder and president of Take The Lead, a new initiative to prepare and propel women to leadership parity across all sectors by […]

Madeleine KuninTravels from Burlington, Leadership, Politics, Women's Issues

Madeleine M. Kunin served as the Governor of Vermont from 1985 to 1991 and went on to serve in President Bill Clinton’s administration. In 1996 […]

Helene NevilleTravels from Las Vegas, Fitness, Personal Development, Women's Issues

Helene Neville, an American nurse and fitness coach, began running seriously after a battle with cancer in the 1990s. Helene has been a nurse, high […]

Dr. Susan Aurelia GitelsonTravels from New York, Motivation, Philanthropy, Women's Issues

“Dr. Susan”speaks about giving and philanthropy, self-help, motivation, celebrity giving (and non-giving), many ways to give for the non-rich, such as volunteering. Giving as an […]

Jennifer LeeTravels from Los Angeles, Feminism, Filmmaking, Parenting

Jennifer Lee is an entertainment professional, a feminist, a writer and a filmmaker. She works towards developing a stronger female narrative in American culture through […]

Deb SofieldTravels from Greenville, Communications, Leadership, Speech

Deb Sofield is a dynamic keynote speaker, elected official, radio talk show host and President of her Executive Speech Coaching Co., which trains women and […]

Dr. Lois FrankelTravels from Los Angeles, Business, Leadership, Women's Issues

New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Lois Frankel, is an internationally recognized keynote speaker known for her ability to simultaneously entertain, empower and educate audiences […]

Liysa CallsenTravels from Milwaukee, Advocacy, Humor, Personal Development

Liysa Callsen was lost the day she was born. Her ears worked. Those of her parents did not. Hence her first language was not the […]

Kathy GroobTravels from Washington DC, , , Communications, Feminism, Leadership, Politics, Women's Issues

Kathy Groob is a political consultant, businesswoman and advocate for women and women’s issues, encouraging women to get involved and become leaders. Kathy offers an enlightened […]

Dr. Judith Van GinkelTravels from Cincinnati, Gender, Health Care, Parenting, Women's Issues, World Travel

An expert on women and children’s health, Dr. Judith Van Ginkel is an innovative business leader who brings private sector rigor to non-profit enterprises. She […]